Handmade Wood Furls Crochet Hook: Alpha Series

T H E S E   H O O K S 

Welcome to the scandalously luxurious world of Furls Crochet; this is crochet paradise. With the most exacting ergonomic specifications, design elements, and sustainable features, our hooks are the ultimate crocheting machine. Watch the video below to find out what makes a Furls Crochet hook so perfect for the passionate crochet. Scroll down to learn more...

T H E   F U R L S   P R O M I S E :

Our hooks are guaranteed to even your stitches, relax your hands, and make the art of crochet easier, faster, and more enjoyable for you. If our hooks do not live up to this promise, send your hook back for a 100% money-back refund. The only reason we can offer a guarantee like this is because we are confident that you'll discover so much more fun in crochet with our hooks, just like these Furls' clients.

W H A T   C R O C H E T    D E S I G N E R S   A R E   S A Y I N G   A B O U T   F U R L S

"I prefer Furls' Hooks over any other hook out there. I want one in every size! They are so breathtaking and well-crafted. Did I mention beautiful to look at too! I found myself looking at it over and over while crocheting. These hooks are so special and will be an heirloom to my family. Each one is so different and unique. I enjoyed my hook so much I just bought another one and can't wait for it to get here."

-Darla Allen, Owner of The Needle Nerd and Needle Nerd Baby

Click here to read more of what crochet designers, die-hards, and dabblers have to say about Furls hooks.

A B O U T    F U R L S 

Furls Fiberarts is the world's premier provider of luxury crochet hooks and other fiberarts tools (Furls Knit and Furls Spin coming soon!). We're thrilled to make this bold claim because we're the only company on the face of the earth- to our knowledge- that provides each an every customer with a custom concierge care service, a $500 hand-health guarantee, a lifetime warranty on all of our hooks, and hours of uncompromisingly meticulous artistry.  Click here to read more and watch our Founder talk about Furls.


Please Read Carefully: Please note that all of the Furls Alpha Series hooks are handmade by wood from scratch. It takes a master woodcarver dozens of hours to carve, sculpt, sand, and finish your heirloom-quality hook so that it will be a masterpiece for years to come. Each wooden hook is approximately 5.75-6" and weighs about 4 ounces.

As such, the Furls team of craftspeople will start to make your hook immediately after your order is placed and it will take 14-21 days for delivery within the USA. International orders will take 21-40 days for delivery.

Please take care and order ahead of time to avoid seasonal rushes and special events such as holidays and birthdays. Available quantities are subject to restriction and Furls currently only produces a limited number of these special items every month.


Type: Crochet Hooks

Vendor: Furls



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