Furls Crochet Hook Comparison Guide

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Which Furls Crochet hook is right for you?

Shopping online is tricky. You don't get the opportunity to try something before you buy it. 
With that in mind, we have put together a little cheat sheet to help you to decide which Furls hook is right for you!
Keep in mind that no matter which hooks you decide to purchase, they ALL come with our 90-day money back guarantee.
Friends don't let friends have regrets!

Furls Crochet Hook Comparison Guide

*all lengths and weights are approximate due to the nature of hand-made items.

Streamline Resin

streamline resin crochet hooks

6.75" long, 0.75oz in weight.
Sizes available: G/8 (4mm) to P/000 (10mm)
Minimal grab.
This hook is made 100% resin and comes in multiple colors!
Choose from Galaxy, Swirl, Zodiac, Pride, and Glitter.


Streamline Wood 

streamline wooden crochet hooks

7" long, 0.5oz in weight.
Sizes available: D/10 (3.25mm) to P/000 (10mm)
Mild grab.
All wood hooks are made from sustainably-sourced solid wood.
Currently available in Teak, Camwood, and Ebony.
New wood variants coming soon!
shop streamline wood crochet hooks

Streamline Metal

silver streamline metal crochet hook

7" long, 1.7oz in weight.
Sizes available: G/8 (4mm) to P/000 (10mm)
100% solid polished aluminum.
Smooth butter-like glide.
Currently available in a silver finish.
shop streamline metal crochet hooks



odyssey crochet hooks
6.75" long, 1.3-1.8 oz in weight, depending on size.
Available in sizes: B/13 (2.25mm) to P/000 (10mm) 
Super smooth glide.
Nickel-plated tip, cosmetic-grade resin handle with an automotive paint finish.
Available in multiple colors.
shop odyssey crochet hooks

Alpha Series

alpha series crochet hooks
5.75" long, 0.5oz in weight.
Available in sizes D/10 (3.5mm) to Q(15mm)
Medium grab.
Our original hook!
Made from 100% sustainably-sourced solid wood.
Available in 8 different wood variants.
shop alpha series crochet hooks

Candy Shop

Candy Shop crochet hooks
5.75" long, 0.5oz in weight.
Available in sizes: 3.5mm) to (18mm)
Minimal grab.
Resin body, automotive paint finish.
Each size comes in its own high gloss color!
shop candy shop crochet hooks