Free Knit Scarf- Fae Scarf

Free Knit Scarf- Fae Scarf


The Fae Knit Scarf is an amazing colour-blocked super scarf made with comfy Lion Brand Basic Stitch Yarn. A fantastic scrap-busting project, the Fae is the perfect opportunity for beginner knitters to put their Furls Knitting Needles to work!



Hey there everyone, my name is Lee!  I started CoCo Crochet Lee several years ago when my son was born, and in doing so, found a deep love for the fiber arts. Since then I have had patterns published in magazines, and books, and have also appeared on the PBS and CreateTV Show ‘Knit and Crochet Now!’ as a Crochet Expert for the last three years running. I hope you enjoy this Furls  for my Fae Scarf.

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Lion Brand Yarn Basic Stitch (185 yds/ 100g): 1 each Baby Pink (A), Baby Blue (B), Gold Heather (C), Royal Blue (D), Prism (E), Turquoise Heather (F), Hot Pink (G)

Furls Single Point Needles- US Size 8/5mm, yarn needle, scissors





K = knit

20” x 100 inches approximately (scarf will hang longer due to stretch)

18 sts x 26 rows = 4”




Now that you have your supplies, it’s time to get started on your Fae Scarf! The colour possibilities are endless, I can’t wait to see the ones you choose!


Cast on 90 sts. 

Rows 1-60:  With A, k across, turn. 

Rows 61-62:  With B, k across, turn. 

Rows 63-64:  With A, k across, turn. 

Rows 65-84:  Repeat Rows 61-64.

Rows 85-88:  With B, k across, turn.

Rows 89-90:  With A, k across, turn.

Rows 91-120:  Repeat Rows 85-90. 

Rows 121-180:  With B, k across, turn. 

Rows 181-192:  With C, k across, turn. 

Rows 193-204:  With D, k across, turn. 

Rows 205-228:  Repeat Rows 181-204.



We’re about halfway through the Fae Scarf, and I have been so thrilled to see your scarf wips in the Furls group! I can’t wait to see them all finished up!!

Rows 229-240:  Repeat Rows 181-192.

Rows 241-300:  With E, k across, turn. 

Rows 301-360:  Repeat Rows 181-240.

Rows 361-421:  With F, k across, turn.

Rows 422-423:  With G, k across, turn

Rows 424-427:  With F, k across, turn. 

Rows 428-457:  Repeat Rows 422-427. 

Rows 458-459:  With G, k across, turn

Rows 460-461:  With F, k across, turn. 

Rows 462-481:  Repeat Rows 458-461. 

Rows 482-542:  With G, k across, turn. 

Bind off, weave in ends. Block lightly if desired.