Hooks that love your hands

GG-Furls-Hands from Furls Crochet on Vimeo.


I notices how handles are so much different than the regular crochet hooks , I’ve use cushion pencil hugger put on regular crochet hooks to keep my fingers sore . I have arthritis in my hands now as I get older sometime gets worse and I want to still be able to crochet and do other things . But right now the price is alittle high for me and I do not like to buy things that I have never tried before and don’t want to waste my money if I dont’ like it . Is there good sale or discount to try it out before buying any more size hooks?


These look wonderful and make a lot of sense. However, it would be wonderful if you could offer a lowered price. That would motivate a lot more of us to order a few.
Thanks for listening.

Diane Sharon

I own two of these beautiful crochet hooks. Unbelievable quality and I feel like I own the Rolls Royce of crochet hooks.

The Crochet Crowd

Hi, I love your hooks—they feel like an extension of my hand while crocheting. I see on your website you have a promotion of buy 3 get 1 free until Christmas. Is that Christmas 2013 or is this promotion already over?

Karen C.K. Ballard

I want to win so i can show off my hook at our LYS!!

chris - romeo

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