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Furls x Lolabean

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Limited Edition Lolabean Synergy Yarn LE Yarn FurlsCrochet

Meet Adella

The team at Furls has had an incredible time working closely with Adella Colvin and her husband, Jimmy, on this collaboration.

Adella and Jimmy are fantastic people who are not only hard-working, innovative, and creative humans but also hilarious and all-around good people.

If this is your first time meeting LolaBean Yarn Co., here are a few facts you should know.

Adella is the owner and sole dyer for LolaBean Yarn Co. and, over the past six years, has built one of the most recognizable brands in the indie-dyed yarn community.

A crocheter first, Adella is all about combining her love of crochet with hand-dyed yarns.

The LolaBean Yarn Co. brand also believes in and stands for diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility in the fiber arts community and beyond.

Limited edition

Synergy Yarn

Get ready to experience the magic of collaboration like never before as we unveil our new Limited Edition Synergy Yarn collection by Lolabean Yarn Co.!

Synergy Yarn celebrates teamwork and the extraordinary results it can achieve.

Each colorway bears a name that reflects our shared vision:

Alliance, Dream Team, Good as Gold, Harmonious, and Rising Tide.

Furls and Lolabean Yarn Co. strives to create a vibrant world of fiber, and this collection brings that vision to life.

Join us on this exciting journey of creativity, unity, and boundless possibilities.

Synergy Yarn



Alliance, Dream Team, Good As Gold, Harmonious, Rising Tide.

Limited Edition LolaBean Synergy Tote Bag FurlsCrochet

Free with the purchase of five or more hanks of Synergy Yarn. The offer is available to the first 100 qualifying orders. While supplies last.


Free eBook with every Synergy Yarn purchase!

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Free ebook with every synergy purchase
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