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Streamline Metal

Product Development Timeline

1 February 2020 - Ideation

The inspiration for Streamline Metal originated from a simple question to the manufacturers of our Streamline hooks: "Can you make these in metal." Our customers had been requesting an all-metal crochet hook, and we went to work on making that happen. Sampling quickly began to see what this all-metal streamline would look like, and it was love at first sight.

3 May 2022 - January 2023 - Release and Restock

We were finally ready to release the Streamline Metal hooks that we had seemingly waited forever for.

We were thrilled that you loved them as much as we did, and they quickly sold out. However, this left us with a new problem: demand.

The handmade processes that our manufacturer used were labor-intensive and time-consuming. We could not keep up with the supply that these hooks demanded.

It was in January 2023 that we were finally able to restock.

The turnaround time would not do.

6 July 2023 - August 2023 - Sourcing and Manufacturing

Next began the arduous process of finding a supplier to machine this improved design. We started contacting several potential manufacturers that could create samples in aluminum. Machining this hook will allow for quicker manufacturing and bring you a superior product that is consistent and durable. 

As we have requested samples from several different manufacturers, these prototypes are still coming in, and we are confident that one or more of these new makers will allow us to meet the demand for Streamline Metal.

- Introducing -

Product Development Timelines

We are thrilled to announce a fresh initiative to bring you closer to the heart of Furls Fiberarts's creation process. 

We will curate dedicated product development pages for every new product we bring to life. These pages will offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into our meticulous crafting journey, showcasing intricate details, developmental narratives, and exciting timelines.

We aim to foster a deeper connection between you and the tools you love, ensuring you're not just purchasing a product but becoming a part of its unique story. 

Stay tuned for these immersive insights, and thank you for being an integral part of our crafting community!

Page Coming Soon!

Page Coming Soon!

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