The team at Furls Crochet takes customer satisfaction seriously. We love hearing back from our wonderful customers and here are just a few of their comments on their Furls Hooks! 


Had just ordered two of the new Streamline hooks on sale; got them Monday and started working on a scarf for my grandson for Christmas -- wow, these hooks are so lightweight and easy on the hands and wrists.

Patrice S.

Just a short note to let you know that I LOVE my furls Odyssey hooks. I have 4 with two more new ones on the way soon. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis, and have had both carpal tunnel releases done, but with these hooks I can crochet as long as I want with no fatigue or pain.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for a spectacular product.

Donna H.

As technical editor and pattern support guru for Bonita Patterns, you will rarely see me without a hook in my hand. As a result of so many years of holding the hook, I have developed inflammation in my hand.

When my boss, Lianka Azulay suggested I try Furls Odyssey hooks, I could not wait. From the very first project with my Furls hook, I noticed a huge improvement in my pain level and the ability to crochet for longer periods of time. The weighted handle is perfectly balanced and the shaft glides through the yarn like a hot knife through butter!

My second favorite Furls tool is the Candy Shop Yarn Bowl. The bowl is perfectly proportioned to stay where you put it and looks amazing while doing its job (who doesn’t love pink?).

The stand that holds all of my Odyssey hooks is a work of art.

I highly recommend the Furls tools for their quality, comfort, customer service and beauty.

-Janet L. Smith, Technical Editor/Pattern Support, Bonita Patterns

I LOVE the Odyssey hooks too much to not get the rest of them. With 50 years of experience, let me tell you the ultimate ‎test in a hook for me.

First, how they feel in my hand.

Second, how my hand feels with them.

Third and ultimate, how they handle ‎loosely twisted yarn.

There are ZERO worries that my yarn‎ will snag with the Odyssey hooks. I take time to wind ever ball of yarn before use to ensure a steady flow. The Odyssey hooks do NOT break my stride.

Love Respectfully,

-Mary Cochrane, Brampton, Ontario

I know I've told you before how much I love your amazing hooks. But I need to say it again. Because of my Petghans, I will have crocheted approximately 750,000 stitches this year. There is no way I could have accomplished this without my Furls crochet hooks. I thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤

-Maureen Allen

Just a quick note to tell you how much I adore your hooks ! I have struggled with a wrist issue for years ... I had my final surgery almost 2 years ago and it was much more extensive than anticipated so I really didn't think I would enjoy crocheting again. A dear friend desperately wants the fingerless gloves (Bonita) using the crocodile stitch I really enjoy but I was worried about being able to accomplish a bigger project (I Had already made the booties -- and struggled) so I ordered your hooks ...... oh my goodness, I still can't get over the difference ! Three pairs of booties later, one pair of gloves almost done (I stopped only because I need the rest of the pattern ... wrist is fine) .... I am one very happy camper !!

-Susan Africa

I received my very first Furls crochet hook yesterday. I was pretty excited as we are traveling today and I am continuing work on a project. I've been able to do a serious comparison of a traditional hook to Furls Odyssey - I am SOLD and will be ordering 5 more (to save on shipping, of course!). Not only is the Furls everything it's advertised to be (comfort, balance, etc), I have contractures in my 4th and 5th fingers that make it difficult and awkward to grip the smaller traditional hook. The Furls Odyssey cradles nicely into the curled fingers without gripping. Way less hand strain! I love this hook and thank you, Furls!!

-Betsy Foltman Wright

I tried to tag the company in my post on my page but it wouldn't so I am going to cross paste here, because I feel like shouting to the world about how awesome Furls is. So making this post for two reasons the first is to say isn't natural wood amazing? Both of these books were made from Bloodwood but look at the shade difference! Amazing! Both beautiful.

The other is a shout out to Furls Crochet for awesome service and standing by their products. I hope to own an entire set of their hooks someday maybe even all of the lines if I'm feeling like a lotto winner. But seriously this is the quality you get both with the hook and the service. The most amazing thing this was a hook won in a giveaway and it was taken care of without any problem at all. I digress I am rambling.

I was horrified when the hook my friend won that she lent to me for a long Christmas project (300 hours and counting ) split on the neck. I felt like a horrible clod didn't know what I could have done wrong. I contacted Furls and I expected to either pay for repair or a new hook for my friend. Nope!

They got back to me right away, knew what wood the hook was made out of all I had to do was tell them the size! ( I'm easily amazed lol ) and they put the work order in before asking me for a picture of the broken hook. I sent the picture of course. No muss no fuss and the new beautiful hook arrived quick as you like. So thank you Furls for a beautiful tool, fantastic customer service and helping me not feel like the troll who broke into hogwarts and made a booger wand.

Ambrosia Pine Sullivan

Just in awe of your customer service. You have an amazing company and wonderful products. I just happened to see your hooks being used on YouTube and just had to have them. I am a knit and crochet teacher and instructor. I teach both privately and for a major craft store in Canada. My students will ALL be introduced to your website.

I love the history of your beginnings. You are a wonderful young man and your hooks are just "WONDERFURL!"

Thank you so much!

Love Respectfully,

Mary Cochrane, Brampton, Ontario

The new yarn bowl, 9 inch, was delivered today, and it's just beautiful! I love it, and I will enjoy using it for many years.

Thank you!

Sharon Wickstrom

Your hooks are so good. I can’t use one of my hands and the shape of your hooks make it very easy for me to hold the hook in that hand and still get to crochet. Thanks to your companies' design I can still hold a hook, I can still crochet and there is little to no arthritis pain or fatigue. I have my grandmothers and mothers old steel hooks but now they are on display for sentimentality. I will only use Furls hooks from now on.

Thank you again,

Tammy McDaniel

Just a note of appreciation and admiration for Furls crochet hooks. I own both Odyssey and Candy Shop hooks and, yeah, I'm hooked! Aside from the comfort, I love my Furls hooks for the craftsmanship and beauty.

I started crocheting in December, so I'm still fairly new to the craft. Initially, I purchased the mass-produced hooks found in my local craft store. I didn't know any better! That is, until I read about Furls via Tamara Kelly's wonderful blog (a little advertisement on the side of her page. The photo of the colorful Candy Shop hooks caught my eye...("OH, look at THOSE pretty hooks!")

And the rest is history.

Interesting enough, I've noticed that the inferior brand hooks have developed burrs on the aluminum tips. How does this happen, after just a few uses? Indeed, you get what you pay for. I plan on replacing each of these hooks In time. With Furls, of course!

You provide excellent customer service, too. SO important these days! I experienced this when my 1st piece of candy (5mm) broke. My heart broke with the hook! This was when the realization set in that I was just in love with the Furls brand. ;) Soon after, I received my replacement and all was well again. Hooked!

Cheryl Evans, Marlborough, MA

Hello and I finally found my hooks!!! I have been crocheting all of my life but after my son and daughter joined the marine corp and having a husband that is a federal agent, crocheting became a therapy for me, It calmed and centered my emotions and worry. One day I was watching a video of a specific pattern I was trying to learn and I noticed the crochet hook the instructor had, I stopped the lesson and took a snap of the hook in her hand, contacted my friend who also a crocheter.. later in the day she sent me The Furls site and my love affair began.. and that was a week ago. I am now the proud owner of five out of the ten [Candy Shop] hooks.. and trust me I will have a complete set!! I have always loved the finer things in life and these hooks go perfectly with me. I wanted to express how efficient and smooth my crocheting is with these little works of amazing art!, and no stiffness and or tiredness after crocheting for a little longer than normal. Thank you for raising the bar and making crocheting even more intimate and elegant...

With Love and Crocheting with My Pinky out Tonya Membreno.... A.K.A Super Fan.

Tonya Membreno, Pingree Grove, IL

Wow! Your beautiful Hook arrived safe and sound... Thank you so much. What a special object you have created- as my hands hold this special piece I will be inspired knowing that your hands have touched it too-what an extraordinary gift you are giving to the fiber world... hand to hand- spirit to spirit-creativity to creativity. I cherish my special Furls! Thank you so much.

-Charles Gandy, TKGA Master Knitter and Author of The Embellished Sock

"I absolutely LOVE my Furls hook!!! And I'd like to tell you why… In my retiring years, I needed an outlet for me to express myself creatively and, at the same time, provide me with a calming, stress-free, zen method of quiet meditation. I decided to take on crochet. Then I hit my first hurdle--the quality of available hooks. They either felt wrong, or created more problems than they solved. Some were just aesthetically unpleasing.
I'd been searching for a long time to find a crochet hook with the perfect anatomy to meet my checklist of needs:

A) a tip sharp and pointy enough to easily find its way, pierce and glide through stitches without difficulty
B) a sleek-finished neck wide enough to stretch stitches and prevent my frustration over tightening weave or battling a return stroke
C) a throat deep enough to hold my yarn comfortably without letting it wander out and escape
D) a lip that won't bite through, snag or separate the fibre ply like it's chewing shredded wheat
E) and a proper, comfortable grip for working hours on end without cramping or fatigue.

I discovered the Furls hooks at my friendly neighborhood yarn shop and they were kind enough to let me inspect a dozen of them…because they are all handmade and uniquely different. Each one has its own characteristics and personality. After locating the appropriate size, I checked the hook against my needs list and selected the perfect one. I know mine was destined for me and I will treasure it always. The cherry on the cake is the beautiful wood type and finish which is an aesthetic treasure. If I never used it for crochet, I'd still prize it as a precious art object. It even comes in a sweet little tissue-lined box like an object of rare value. My Furls hook is just like magic and helps me create all kinds of crazy, wonderful stuff as you can see in the photo I've attached! My stress level is down and it brings me peace and focus.

Some have told me they found the price a little dear, but I must remind them that these are individually handcrafted with love and once you own one, you'll never want to use anything else. My other hooks are gathering dust, as I only use my Furls hook now.
Thanks for allowing me to share my joy, and thank you for creating my fabulous Furls hook, just for me!"

- Robin Crutchfield, Greenwich Village, New York City

As you can probably see, I've just ordered the newest size of Furls Candy Shop hooks. I just wanted to tell you. Your hooks are amazing. My crochet is so much better and neater. Plus, I can crochet for longer. They are amazing to work with.

- Jacqueline Cheetham

Received my first ever Furls Odyssey hook today at 11am (please note I called this my 'first'). 6 hours later and I'm still hooking! No pain in my arm! I am in love with this hook. The weight distribution is wonderful. Not too light not too heavy with good balance making it easier to progress through the movements. It goes into the stitch clean and smooth and out the same decreasing wasteful repetitive movements. This is how it's supposed to be. Thank you for creating this beautifully sleek and comfortable hook.

- Sharon Bramlett

I am writing again with compliments and kudos about the Furls Odyssey hooks. I thank you a hundred times for creating an affordable, fantastically comfortable, elegant and awesome hook for people like me, on a tight budget and I personally had to wait till I got my Christmas gift from my Aunt before I got my hooks. Thank you Mr. Richards, your dedicated staff and master craftsmen/women for designing all of the Furls Hooks.

- Lori Stewart

I sent an e-mail to Furls for a replacement candy hook thinking it would take a week or two for a response, much to my surprise it was 48 hours. I was also helped immediately, with quick response time and my replacement was sent out - can't wait for the new one!

- Felice Shlizerman, Owner, 1001Knits

 I was working with my Furls crochet hook when I was shocked to find that the end of my hook broke off. Now, I love my Furls crochet hooks and that's why I was dismayed by what happened. But I went online and looked up their policies and was relieved to read that although rarely does this happen to their hooks, Furls replaces defective hooks. I emailed their customer service and didn't have to wait long to hear back from them about my hook. Joy M. really helped me out. The process is simple and I had some relief to know they care about their customers. Although I am sad about my original hook, I look forward to crocheting again with Furls.

- Jessica Ziker

"Oh my goodness. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing the hooks are. [...] First off I have carpel tunnel so crocheting for over 20 min at a time doesn't happen. I was in heaven,no pain at all. And still 3 hours later, I still have no pain. This is a Godsend. Bless you! You have a life long customer here."

- Amanda Cox Sylva, Amanda's Beanies, California

" This hook is amazing! I have had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands and also have arthritis in both hands so crocheting was becoming a pain, literally! The hook took a little getting used to but now I love it! Hours of crocheting with no pain whatsoever! I look for projects to do with the hook! My only complaint is I want larger sizes! I have already ordered the F, G and H Candy Shop hooks to start my Furls collection! I have heard some people complaining about the price of the hooks but for me there is no price you can put on being able to continue to create beautiful handmade items pain free! Thank you for creating not only a hook that is fabulous to use but that is also beautiful to look at! I am a customer for life!"

- Kimberly P., North Carolina

" I received my Furls order today just in time for the Virginia snow storm. Love, Love, Love the hooks. Cannot wait to get more. Took just a little time to get adjusted to the different shape of the hook but after about 700 stitches, the hook felt like it was made for my hand. Thank you for such wonderful hooks and fast service.
I just can't tell you how much I am in love with these hooks already in the few short days that I have owned them. I am in the middle of a very large project, a wedding ring crochet quit, to give to my parents for their 50 anniversary this April. I just started back working on that last night. Being a replica of an actual quilt pattern it goes without saying it's a great deal of piecing together. Kinda stressful on the hands with my traditional hooks. Not with the Furls hook. It was the clock that stopped me last night not my hands. :D"

- Annemarie J., Virginia Read a full review by Annemarie here.

"I am always on the hunt for a new hook that is comfortable to use. And I found just that in a Furls Hook! I use a 3.5 Alpha Series - Bloodwood Hook. This hook is a pleasure to work with! It is the perfect, shape, weight, and size. Comfort is important for me when crocheting, and I can crochet for hours with this hook without stiffness. The real test for me is if I continue to use a hook after the initial “Newness”, and this is a hook that I will use for years to come!"

- Jackie Laing, Amidorable Crochet, BC, Canada

"This hook is perfect for my hand and it feels great. I am a better crocheter with this hook."

- Lynn H., Colorado

"The box just arrived safely with the most beautiful, beautiful crochet hooks! Each of which is a work of art! They are so smooth and fit so perfectly in the hand! I thank you with all my heart for accepting my order ... I will treasure these wonderful crochet hooks all my life! " 

-Mother Seraphima, Holy Nativity Convent, Massachusetts

Well the hook came today, and what can I say but WOW!  You've indeed outdone yourself on this one.  I do so love it....it's mine!  It feels wonderful in the hand and the hook is like silk - I can't put it down!   After I opened the box, we left  to go a purchase new tires for the car, and since I wasn't driving, I spent the next 45 minutes playing with it and seeing how it performs.  5 stars!  So....thank you ever so much for making this fabulous crochet hook for me.    I will say one thing, and that is every time I am able to indulge in another collectible needlework tool I will be right back at your door purchasing another one.  My collection has started! Thanks ever so much, for it and of course, for the lovely one-of-a-kind crochet hook.  You haven't seen the last of me yet! 

-S. Blackwell, North Carolina 

My hooks look so beautiful all standing up and being showcased in a stand I purchased from Robert Parish! They're all so beautiful I just want to admire them for awhile and not use them! Now that wouldn't do me much good would it? [...]Your needles make crocheting an art of zen.


"I love my hooks!!  I find myself admiring the wood, the feel, and colors. [...] I find that my hands are no longer cramping...wonderful!! I've crocheted three infinity and one curling scarf already...yippie.  So much more fun when there's no pain involved. I plan to order more...I'm completely addicted.

-Tammy Blue

"I love my hook. It only took a little bit of time to get used to it.  I love the feel of it in my hand.  I had some concerns at first that it would be awkward, but those quickly went away. The hook is beautiful and I feel totally pampered everytime I look at it and when I use it.  Forget diamonds, I'll take a Furls, please. I have no one in my family who crochets, so I have actually been mentally preparing the note I will prepare to put with my will so that my kids find a worthy heir to it.  Honest.  :)."

-Pat H 

“I am in love with my new hook :) it feels amazing and my hand is definitely more relaxed! It's a gorgeous hook and I can see more in my collection some day. It has given my stitches balance and it didn't take me long at all to get used to it. I purchased a couple more hooks as Christmas gifts and I know they will both enjoy them. “

-Zann S.

"This. hook. is. stunning."

-Mary Ann from Things Crafty

"Gorgeous crochet hook! Feels very comfortable in my hand. Very happy with my purchase."

-Deborah Fraught

"Wonderful crochet hook. Planned as a gift with some homespun yarn. Thanks for your quick shipment. Beautifully crafted."            

-Georgia K.

"Just as awesome as the picture. It will be a present for my mom."      

 -Emily J.

"Very beautiful - my friend's Christmas present - thank you so much!"    

-Peter S.