Wholesale Terms and Conditions

*Please note that our Wholesale program is temporarily suspended while we make changes to and update the program.


Stores are eligible for wholesale accounts upon the furnishing of proof of business (valid EIN, Certificate of Incorporation, Sales License, etc.). Only the following are allowed to carry Furls products:

Brick and Mortar stores

Direct Mail Catalogs

Online Retailers (restrictions on Etsy, Amazon, blog and other marketplace shops listed below below)

Payment & Stock

Payment for all wholesale orders is due in full upon order submission by card or PayPal online. Expected shipping for all wholesale orders is 3-4 business days.

*Please note that Loyalty Program Accounts, Credits, and Points are excluded from use in conjunction with our Wholesale Program.

Product Release

New products will be available for wholesale purchase after a period of 30 days following retail release.

Minimum Order Amount

Minimum Order Amount is $500 for first orders and $250 thereafter. 

Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges

For you: All wholesale products are backed by a 90 day free return policy and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please email us at wholesale@furlscrochet.com or call the support number listed below. All returned or exchanged products 90 days after the purchase date will be subject to a 5% restocking fee with a minimum of $5.00 USD.

For your customer: You must offer your customer 90 days free returns and exchanges on all Furls products. You also agree to furnish your customers with replacements for defective products at any time. We will provide the replacements to you upon your request and proof of defect from the customer. You agree to notify customers at the point of purchase that they must process returns through you and we will furnish you directly with replacements.

International Retailers

International retailers may not resell product online to consumers in the US.

Minimum Advertised Price

No Furls product may be advertised for less than 15% of its listed retail price for more than 30 consecutive days and 60 total days each calendar year

Location Restrictions

Brick and Mortar locations are not restricted. We have the following ecommerce restrictions:

      - Max of 5 online retailers in the US (not the websites of brick and mortar stores).

      - Max of 5 Etsy retailer per country worldwide

      - Max of 1 Amazon retailer per country worldwide

      - Max of 2 online retailers per country in Europe

      - Max of 10 online retailers each in Asia/Middle East/Latin & South America/Africa

      - Blog shops not allowed

Please contact wholesale@furlscrochet.com for other marketplaces.


Please contact wholesale@furlscrochet.com to request samples before ordering.


Online retailers have limited rights to use our photography on product listings for Furls products.

We reserve the right to revoke your wholesale account at any time. You agree to allow us to publish your store location our Retailer page