Free Amigurumi Pattern - Sakura Kimono Bunny

Free Amigurumi Pattern - Sakura Kimono Bunny


This month we’ll be making the Sakura Kimono Bunny with Sweet Softies! The Sakura Kimono Bunny is a lovely rabbit doll wearing a traditional Japanese dress. Her outfit includes a kimono with an obi sash and sandals. She also wears sakura (cherry blossom) flowers on her head. Have fun customizing this crochet project with different color combinations and crochet her as the perfect handmade gift!

Sakura Kimono Bunny



Jade from Sweet Softies is an amigurumi and crochet enthusiast who loves to share her joy for yarn crafts and the sweet things in life on her blog and Youtube Channel. She designs a variety of toys, such as dolls, animals, and foods. She also enjoys coming up with patterns for clothing and accessories, baby items, home decor and goods, and more! Jade's favorite thing about sharing her patterns for free and hosting fun Crochet-A-Long events is seeing other crocheters' finished products from her designs, hearing their stories, and being a part of this strong, happy, and tight-knit crochet community!

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Sweet Softies



  • Worsted Weight # 4 Yarn in 3 Colors - I used Whims Merino in White, Pink and Lavender

3.25 mm crochet hook & 4 mm crochet hook - I used Furls Odyssey
Tapestry Needle 
Oval plastic safety eyes (size: 8x11mm)
Fiberfill stuffing



Height: 11 inches/28 centimeters

Skill Level

Gauge is not crucial for this project.

Crochet Stitch Abbreviations
FO: Fasten off
MR: Magic Ring
Ch: Chain
Sl st: Slip Stitch
Sc: Single Crochet
Dc: Double Crochet
Fsc: Foundation Single Crochet
Fdc: Foundation Double Crochet
Inc: Increase
Dec: Decrease
Dc-dec: Dc Decrease
Dc-inc: Dc Increase
BLO: Back Loop Only 


Use white yarn.

R1: In MR, sc 6. (6 sts)

R2: Inc around. (12 sts)

R3: (Sc, inc) x 6. (18 sts)

R4: (Sc 2, inc) x 6. (24 sts)

R5: (Sc 3, inc) x 6. (30 sts)

R6: (Sc 4, inc) x 6. (36 sts)

R7-R13: Sc around. (36 sts)

R14: (Sc 4, dec) x 6. (30 sts)

R15: (Sc 3, dec) x 6. (24 sts)

Insert eyes. I used 8x11mm oval eyes between R10-R11, 7 sts apart.

R16: (Sc 2, dec) x 6. (18 sts)

R17: Dec around. (9 sts)
FO. No need to leave a long tail.

Sakura Kimono Bunny

EARS (x2)      

Part 1: INNER EARS | Use pink yarn.

Ch 10. Hdc in 3rd ch from hook. Hdc across next 6 ch. Insert 5 hdc in last ch, bringing you around to other side of the ch with a row of unworked loops. Hdc across the 7 sts on this opposite side.

FO, no need for a long tail.

Part 2: OUTER EARS | Use white yarn.

Repeat instructions for inner ear, but do not FO.  Instead, place pink piece in front of white piece.  Ch 1 and sc around in both loops of the pink and white parts to stitch them together.  Go around the sides and tops of the ear, skipping the bottom edge of the ear. 

FO with a long tail for sewing later.


Use purple yarn and the 4mm hook.

R1: In MR, (ch 5, sl st in ring) x 5.

FO with a tail for sewing later.


ARMS (x2)     
Use white yarn.

R1: In MR, sc 6. (6 sts)

R2-R14: Sc around. (6 sts)
FO. No need to leave a long tail.

Sakura Kimono Bunny

Start with dress-colored yarn (pink).

R1: In MR, ch 3 and insert 8 dc. *Join with a sl st to the first dc. (8 sts)

R2: Ch 3. (Dc 3, dc-inc) x 2. *Join. (10 sts)

R3: Ch 3. (Dc 4, dc-inc) x 2. *Join. (12 sts)

R4: Ch 3. (Dc 5, dc-inc) x 2. *Join. (14 sts)

R5: Ch 3. (Dc 6, dc-inc) x 2. *Join. (16 sts)

R6: Ch 3. (Dc 7, dc-inc) x 2. *Join. (18 sts)

Switch to sleeve-lining yarn (white).

R7: Ch 1, sc around in BLO. *Join. (18 sts)

FO and weave in the ends.


Start with dress-colored yarn (pink).

R1: Fsc 25. (Or, ch 26, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc across.)

Switch to lining-colored yarn (white).

R2: In BLO, sl st across.

FO with a tail for sewing later.


Use white yarn.

R1: Fdc 20, or however many long you’d like the waist ribbon to be. (20 sts)

R2: Ch 3, turn. Dc across. (20 sts)

FO and weave in the ends. 

With pink yarn, leave a yarn tail and attach yarn between R1-R2.  Surface sl st across.  Leave a yarn tail for tying to the starting yarn tail later.

Video tutorial available:

Sakura Kimono Bunny

LEGS (x2)       
Note: Stuff the legs bit by bit as you work.
Start with shoe-colored yarn (purple).

R1: In MR, sc 6. (6 sts)

R2: Inc around. (12 sts)

R3: Sc 4, inc 4, sc 4. (16 sts)

Switch to white yarn. FO with a long tail for the shoe-colored yarn to use for sewing sandal straps later.

R4: In BLO, sc 6, dec 2, sc 6. (14 sts)

R5: Sc 5, dec 2, sc 5. (12 sts)

R6: Sc 4, dec 2, sc 4. (10 sts)

At this point, sew the sandal straps to the sock using the shoe-colored yarn. 

Video tutorial available: 

R7: Sc 3, dec 2, sc 3. (8 sts)

R8-R21: Sc around. (8 sts)

FO. No need to leave a long tail.


Pick up the two completed legs. Insert hook into side of one leg. Attach underwear-colored yarn (white). 

R1 [Joining Round]: Ch 1, sc 5. Ch 3, and then join to a stitch to the side of the second leg with a sc. Sc 8 around the second leg. Insert a sc in each of the 3 ch. Sc in remaining 3 sts of the first leg. Join with a sl st to the first sc.

Video tutorial available: 

R2: Sc around. Note: You will be working a sc in each of the 3 ch between the legs. (22 sts)

R3-R4: Sc around. (22 sts)

Switch to dress-colored yarn (pink).

R5: Sc around. (22 sts)

R6: Sc around in BLO. (22 sts)

R7-R8: Sc around. (22 sts)

R9: (Sc 9, dec) x 2. (20 sts)

R10: (Sc 8, dec) x 2. (18 sts)

R11: (Sc 7, dec) x 2. (16 sts)

R12: (Sc 6, dec) x 2. (14 sts)

R13: (Sc 5, dec) x 2. (12 sts)

R14: (Sc 4, dec) x 2. (10 sts)

R15: Sc 8, dec. (9 sts)

FO with a long tail for sewing later.


Note: The dress skirt is crocheted directly onto the body. No sewing is needed for this part.
Pick up the completed body. Place it face-down with the neck opening towards you. Attach dress-colored yarn (pink) to the unworked back loop created in R6 of the body. 

R1: Ch 3, (dc 10, dc-inc). *Join with a sl st to the first dc. (24 sts)

Video tutorial available: 

R2: Ch 3, (dc 7, dc-inc) x 3. *Join. (27 sts)

R3: Ch 3, (dc 8, dc-inc) x 3. *Join. (30 sts)

R4: Ch 3, (dc 14, dc-inc) x 2. *Join. (32 sts)

R5: Ch 3, dc around. *Join. (32 sts)

R6: Ch 3, (dc 15, dc-inc) x 2. *Join. (34 sts)

R7: Ch 3, dc around. *Join. (34 sts)

R8: Ch 3, (dc 16, dc-inc) x 2. *Join. (36 sts)

R9: Ch 3, dc around. *Join. (36 sts)

Switch to lining-colored yarn (white).

R10: Ch 1, sc around in BLO. *Join. (36 sts)

FO and weave in the ends.



  1. Using pink yarn, sew a nose and mouth to the head.  
  2. Pinch the bottoms of the ears and sew them to the head.
  3. Insert arms into the sleeves. Then, sew them to the sides of the body. 
  4. Sew flower(s) to the head.  
  5. Make sure both the body and head are firmly stuffed, then sew them together. 
  6. Place neck collar around doll’s neck, then sew it securely. 
  7. Wrap the obi sash around the doll’s waist and tie the ends behind the back.

 Sakura Kimono Bunny






This is such a darling bunny. I’m anxious to get to it but am waiting on Furl’s. It seems the white Whims merino is sold out and has been for many months. As soon as I get the white yarn I’ll hit the ground running!

Rosemary A Neff

Immediately when I saw that pattern, I wanted to make it. And turns out, it is really easy pattern, really cute result and I’m making right now the second rabbit. I’m so happy right now and definitely I will try other patterns from Jade <3


I loved making Sakura Bunny! She is so kawaii! challenging but not too hard. The instructions were very well written.
Thank you!


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