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Furls Fiberarts

Free Furls Crochet Patterns


Amigurumi Pool Duckies by Jackie Laing

Daisy Tank Top by Ashlie Avery

Summer Crochet Top by Briana Kepner

Summer Knit Top by Briana Kepner

Amigurumi Ring Dishes by Brenna Eaves

Addy Cardigan by Pamela Stark

Balsam Alpine Cowl by Lorene Eppolite

Laomai Knit Tapestry by Rachael Jun

Ami Birds & Birdhouses by Jackie Laing

Kaira Tunisian Scarf by Alex Halsey

Aria Poncho by Brianna Iaropoli

Chrisandra Knit Scarf by Lee Sartori

Nesting Hearts by Brenna Eaves

Double-brim Chevron Beanie by Ellie Price


Retro Cropped Cardi by Tamara Kelly

Amigurumi Holiday Tree by Holly Salzman

Amigurumi Arctic Puffin by Brenna Eaves

Frosted Petals Poncho by Kirsten Holloway

Hello Pumpkin Pillow by Briana Kepner

Amigurumi Turkeys by Jackie Laing

Cecelia Tapestry Bag by Amber Millard

Amigurumi Bookworms by Jackie Laing

Amigurumi School Supplies by Brenna Eaves

Sightseer Crop Top by Lorene Eppolite

Frontier Shawl by Samantha Casale

Amigurumi Koala by Holly Salzman

Amigurumi Succulents by Jackie Laing

Tilley Tank by Katy Petersen

Coffee Cup Pullover by Lee Sartori

May Flowers by Brenna Eaves

April Showers by Brenna Eaves

Chelsea Top by Maria Bittner

Chen the Panda by Holly Salzman

Amigurumi Pugs by Brenna Eaves

Slate Wrap by Melissa Fisher


Bigfoot Amigurumi by Jackie Laing

Amigurumi Pumpkins by Jackie Laing

Amigurumi Mermaid by Vincent Greene-Haite

Ballroom Bolero by Samantha Casale

Sailor's Moon Cropped Sweater by Lorene Eppolite

Rainy Days Ahead Sweater by Lorene Eppolite

Amigurumi Cornucopia by Vincent Greene-Haite

Amigurumi Finger Puppets by Brenna Eaves

Rhiannon Sweater by Jessica Carey

V Back Pullover Sweater by Lorene Eppolite

Amigurumi Narwhal by Jackie Laing

Amigurumi Snail by Vincent Green-Hite

Megara Skirt and Top by Samantha Casale

Trapped in Love by Lorene Eppolite

Beach Shorts by Lorene Eppolite

Amigurumi Ice Cream by Brenna Eaves

Flora + Fauna Shawl by Jennifer Dickenson

Amigurumi Sunflower by Vincent Green-Hite

Infinity Cable Shawl by Briana Kepner

Amigurumi Bunny by Carolina Guzman

Blooming Petals Poncho by Lorene Eppolite

Twisted Cowl by Jessie Rayot

Gingerbread people by Jackie Laing

Le Becque Socks by Rohn Strong

Amigurumi Trohpy by Brenna Eaves

Champagne Cables Hat by Tamara Kelly

Gingerbread people by Jackie Laing

Holiday Tree by Jackie Laing

Hot Cocoa Cups by Jackie Laing

Evangeline Cardigan by Jessica Carey

Halloween Elephant by J.A. Polvoos

Changing Tides Cover by Lorene Eppolite

Tate Scarf by Jessica Carey

Mummy Apples by Jackie Laing

Frankenstein Popsicles by Jackie Laing

Milo the Monster by Jackie Laing

Mini Pigs by Brenna Eaves

Amigurumi Cupcake by Jackie Laing

Amigurumi Cookies by Jackie Laing

Crocodile Stitch Gloves by Lianka Azulay

Amigurumi Moths by Brenna Eaves

Shangri'La Hat by Kathy Lashley

Rhapsody Vest by Lorene Eppolite

Demelza Pullover by Katy Petersen

Max the Dragon by Jackie Laing

Andean Peak Hats by Bethany Dearden

Amigurumi Birds by Brenna Eaves

Christmas Mouse by Kristi Tullus

Amigurumi Unicorn by Jackie Laing

Amigurumi Mushrooms by Brenna Eaves

Snow Capped Throw by Tamara Kelly

Elemental Triangle Cowl by Lorene Eppolite

Unfurled Beauty Shawl by Lorene Eppolite

Infinity Scarf by Tamara Kelly

Strawberry Booties by Rhondda Mol

Note: Print Easy Versions contain the exact same instructions as their Full Version but images have been removed and text has been condensed to save ink and paper.

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