Makers of Color | Liliana Buce

Makers of Color | Liliana Buce

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Hey Furls Fans,

Welcome to week 3 of Furls' Black History Month profile of Makers of Color.

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Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Liliana Buce, a proud mama of two, crochet designer, flower lover, and self-proclaimed coffee addict. Liliana was born and raised in Poland in the 1990s. As a person of color in Poland, she never had a community of similar people, she never had a support system, “it was just lonely and difficult.” Thankfully It is not like that anymore. Now residing in Shannon, Ireland Liliana has found her community. 

Deveter – Liliana thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us today. Growing up without community must have been difficult but it seems that you have found your people! We are so happy that you are a part of the Furls family. What unexpected benefits has crocheting brought to your life?

Liliana - I believe the main benefit of crocheting for me was the way I started to believe in myself. I finally found something that I’m good at. To see my creations being published and to see people actually interested in my work has boosted my confidence and made me a stronger person. I truly found a new side of myself after starting my crochet business and I’m incredibly happy and grateful for that.

Deveter – I totally understand that feeling! I’m glad that crochet found you! Your designs are amazing. What is the number one reason that you crochet?

Liliana - Definitely the pure pleasure of making. I can be designing a big piece of clothing, or making the simplest granny square, it doesn’t really matter. I feel relaxed, happy, and oh so calm every time I grab a hook and yarn.

Deveter – Yes! I agree with that. When I crochet, I feel powerful! With that in mind, what’s your favorite Furls crochet hook?

Liliana - Definitely Furls Odyssey! I own a few different Furls hooks, but the Black Odyssey (size G) is by far my favorite. Everything about it is just perfect.

Deveter – Can you imagine not having your Odyssey in your hand? Finish the sentence … “If I couldn’t crochet, I would probably…

Liliana - …read every crime book there is. I absolutely adore reading, but I mostly focus on crochet when I have some spare time.

Deveter – I love reading as well!!! I need to download an audiobook app so I can ‘read’ and crochet! Besides coffee addict and crochet queen what five words would best describe you?

Liliana - It’s never easy to answer these questions. So I asked my friends for help. The words they agreed on are: energetic, spontaneous, creative, determined, and optimistic. 

Deveter – Friends who know you are the BEST! These are great words to describe you. Here’s my last question what makes your crochet unique and special?

Liliana - If there’s anything unique about my crochet, it would be my use of colors. Not always obvious, sometimes even difficult to understand.

Deveter – Your use of color is very interesting. I love the colors in your Pink Lemonade Cardigan. So soft and pretty. Liliana thank you again for chatting with me. I wish you much success in all your endeavors. 

Readers,  I hope you learned something new about one of our fav makers of color. Please check out Liliana’s work on Raverly, Etsy, and Love Crafts and follow her on social media @Knothing_usual

Until next time...

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