Furls Crochet is back, with a vengeance

“The average crocheter holds their hook for thousands of hours during their lifetime. Those hours can either be healthy, enjoyable, comfortable, and beautiful if you’ve got a well-designed, well balanced hook, or damaging to your hands long-term and not so beautiful if you use conventional hooks

Apparently, a Furls hook is worth the investment. Furls Crochet took a little break in Winter of 2011 but they’ve opened back up this summer with an amazing new line of beautiful, super-luxurious crochet hooks

Rumors are that there are plans to release a more economic Standard line at about half the price of their very pricey Signature line, but the sheer beauty of these hooks make them worth it. It’s pretty exciting to see the most expensive crochet hooks in history in all their glory, like this enormous 9” long, 30mm Rosewood hook.

And the mammoth hooks, as usual, are amazing

Definitely only for the passionate crochet enthusiasts, but guaranteed to please given their 100% customer satisfaction rating so far! Check them out at furlscrochet.com


You really saved my skin with this infomration. Thanks!


I have a few inexpensive suniostgegs for yarn maybe your mom can help you with these! First, check out craigslist if you have an active local group. Freecycle can be good, too, because people collect more yarn than they can use and then they give it away. But the best secret is this: Thrift Stores. But don’t look for skeins of yarn Look for high quality sweaters that can be unraveled and reused! You might be able to find a good sale and get this yard for only a few dollars.


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