Silver Oak Streamline Wood Crochet Hooks

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Silver Oak Streamline Wood varies in color from light blonde, to an ashy grey.

Every single Silver Oak Streamline Wood hook is different and unique, so there's no telling what you'll get until you unbox (oh, the anticipation)! Display stands sold separately.

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Silver Oak joined the Furls Family in August 2022.

  • Silver Oak


    Each Streamline Wooden hook is hand carved to measure 7" in length, making it a comfortable option for pencil and knife grips alike. Our wood hooks weigh approximately 0.5 oz each and have a diameter of 17 mm at the widest point.

  • Silver Oak


    The nature of wood provides some grip, giving you greater control over your stitching. Ideal for projects made using slippery fibers, these hooks allow you to maintain the ideal speed and accuracy in all your projects.

  • Silver Oak


    Silver Oak gets its name from the beautiful grey bark found on this species of tree. Our Silver Oak hooks vary in color from light blonde, to an ashy grey. Regardless of the color, they all have the distinctive linear grain found in this beautiful wood.

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Silver Oak Streamline Wood Crochet Hooks

Silver Oak Streamline Wood Crochet Hooks

Longer Crochet Hook

We've increased both overall body length and working shaft length for our longest hooks ever; the Streamlines are a full 7" in length.

Pointier Tip

The tip of the Streamlines are less rounded than our other lines for better stitch penetration while working through projects.

The Most Affordable Furls

We've combined machine automation and volume production to make the Streamlines the most affordable Furls hooks.

100% satisfaction guarantee

*Please note that due to the organic nature of wood, no two woodgrains are the same, and your hook may look different than the sample shown on our website. One of the most exciting features of handmade hooks is that each one is handcrafted, special, and unique. Thus, no two are the same.

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