Free Crochet Ornaments- Bell

Free Crochet Ornaments- Bell

Posted by Lorene Eppolite on

The tenth pattern in our Twelve Days of Christmas Crochet Ornaments is the Bell Ornament.

You can find a list of all the patterns, including the details for each one, here, which will be updated every time a new free crochet ornaments pattern is listed.

Rnd1-4: Work the same as the Santa Head Ornament. With yellow yarn for your bell.

Rnd5: Sc, [sc x 3, inc ] x 4, sc (22)

Rnd6-7: Sc x 22 (22)

Rnd8: [Dec, sc x 9] x 2 (20)

Rnd9-11: Sc x 20 (20)

Rnd12: [Sc x 3, inc] x 5 (25)

Rnd13: Sc x 25 (25)

Rnd14: Sc x 4, [sc x 2, inc] x 7 (32)

Rnd15: Sc x 2, [sc x 4, inc] x 6 (38)

Rnd16: Sc x 38, fasten off (38) 


The Clapper (ball inside of the bell)
Rnd1: With grey yarn starting at the bottom of the clapper sc x 6 in a magic ring, or ch x 2 and do 6 sc in the second chain from your hook (6)

Rnd2: Inc, sc x 5 (7)

Rnd3: Sc x 7 (7)

Rnd4: Dec x 3, sl st closed, leave a long tail that you will use to sew the clapper to the inside of your bell (3) 


Sew the middle of the bell (the clapper) in place, ensure that it hangs a tiny bit below the bell before sewing it to the top of your bell. Weave in the ends and trim them. 

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