Free Crochet Ornaments- Mitten

Free Crochet Ornaments- Mitten

The ninth pattern in our Twelve Days of Christmas Crochet Ornaments is the Tree Ornament.

You can find a list of all the patterns, including the details for each one, here, which will be updated every time a new free crochet ornaments pattern is listed.

Row1: With the color of your choosing for your Mitten starting at the tip of your Mitten ch x 7 (7)

Row2: Turn, sc x 6 (6)

Row3: Do not turn, sc down the opposite side of your work x 6 (6)

Rnd4: Sc around the entire piece x 12 (12)

Rnd5: [Sc x 2, inc] x 4 (16)

Rnd6: [Sc x 3, inc] x 4 (20)

Rnd7: [Sc x 3, inc] x 5 (25)

Rnd8-9: Sc x 25 (25)

Rnd10: [Sc x 3, dec] x 5 (20)

Rnd11-17: Sc x 20 (20)

Rnd18: Reverse/Crab stitch x 20 , fasten off (20)


Rnd1: With the color of yarn of your choosing for your mitten sc x 6 in a magic ring, or ch x 2 and do 6
sc in the second chain from your hook (6)

Rnd2: [Inc, sc x 2] x 2 (8)

Rnd3-4: Sc x 8 (8)

Rnd5: Dec, sc x 6, fasten off (7)


Sew the thumb onto your mitten. Weave in all ends and trim them.




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