So I promised pictures of the finished spoons on Saturday, and I am not one to disappoint. This week is pretty hectic though, what with easter parties coming up, so I couldn’t post last night BUT SCREW IT TWO-FUR-TUESDAY WOOT

I’m not gonna lie, these spoons are silky smooth. They just dive right through amaretto almond crunch like red hot holy excaliburs in buttery dragons.

It is not my complete intention to distract you with semipornographic ice cream pictures, so let’s talk about the facts. These here spoons are made of holly (just like harry potter’s wand) and elm (the elm has the dark spot and deeper bowl). Carving in holly and elm is a lovely experience; both woods are fairly easy to cut but leave beautiful surfaces (barely any chip out even rough carving) and show some gorgeous grain). What’s even more wonderful is both of these pieces of wood are reclaimed. That’s right, saved from the abysmal pits of my local landfill these spoons are 1000% eco-friendly (seriously, 1000%).  They are both sanded to super softness and finished with organic soybean and olive oil so they are safe to any mouth, any where.

I’m thinking that I just might put these spoons up for sale on my etsy, but we’ll see. What is exciting is the wealth of new wood that arrived yesterday. I already started on a piece of european pearwood and MY OH MY is it wonderful. Pictures of that this weekend after a post about the other holly spoon sometime later this week.


yeah this person has way too much time on their hands, I mean, why waste time craeting art that people everywhere enjoy on the internet?? If they were smart they would criticize everyone else’s art like a normal person who uses their time wisely.


you can get them most places that sell yarn. micleahs, joanne’s etc, or you can order them online. (i don’t know if you know, but the yarn package will most likely let you know what size hook to get) happy yarnworking


Thank you so much for getntig back to me I am getntig started to make this blanket and I am so excited that I found you on youtube. On your previous comments, you said with the yarn (total of 18 skeins in three colors) will yield an approximante 76 80 blanket. I am guessing the 129 ch with an 9mm hook will yield the 80 side, right? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving


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