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Discontinued items refer to products that Furls will no longer offer once they are sold out.

While these items may no longer grace our shelves in the future, they still embody our unwavering dedication to excellence. As we bid adieu to these creations, know that they come with the same love and quality that defines every Furls product.

Seconds - Streamline Resin hooks that fall short of our aesthetic standards but remain fully functional in terms of use and ergonomics. These unique hooks showcase our commitment to quality but with a touch of individuality. 

Our Final Sale for Imperfect Products provides our cherished community the opportunity to own these distinct pieces at a special rate and reflects our dedication to reducing waste and preventing these valuable items from being discarded into landfills.  

In offering these products, we intertwine our mission for environmental responsibility with our promise of quality, ensuring that every purchase supports a greener, more sustainable future.

Such items may be marked down; however, no further discounts can be applied at checkout, and they will be honored afterward.

Products in this category are safeguarded by the following policies:

Furls Breakage Policy.

Furls ensures that the condition and quality of every discontinued product are transparently depicted through comprehensive product descriptions and visuals.

We prioritize accurately representing our imperfect products through detailed descriptions or images to the best of our abilities.

"Seconds" based on aesthetic appearance are subject to objective interpretation by the Quality Assurance team. The views of the Quality Assurance Team and the customer are not guaranteed to align.

All imperfect items are sold "as is." Furls commits to disclosing any imperfections that might be present.

All sales of discontinued items and "seconds" are final. Furls will not accommodate returns or replacements, except in cases where the product is damaged or defective on arrival.

Replacements are available based on available inventory.

If your discontinued or "seconds" product arrives defective, contact our Customer Experience team within 7 days of receipt. We will assess the situation and offer a replacement, refund, or store credit accordingly.

Furls Uninsured Package Policy may apply if Package Protection for Orders Through Order Protection was not selected at checkout. 


For any concerns about your imperfect product purchase, please email