Free Knit Hat Pattern - AJK Beaded Rib Beanie

Free Knit Hat Pattern - AJK Beaded Rib Beanie

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We are excited to introduce you to the AJK Beaded Rib Beanie. This free knit hat pattern is knit up with Furls’ Whims Merino yarn in stunning, saturated jewel tones, this sultry, minimal-design hat is an essential statement piece for your winter outfits. I’ve worked them up in Furls’ gorgeous red and purple colorways – this weight 3 yarn, combined with the unique Z twist and drape, produces a beanie that is high on stylish luxury and low on effort. Two row repeat? Check. Less than one skein of yarn? Check. Fits like a glove, with no bunching or extra fabric at the top? Check, check, check. And did I mention this piece is worked up on straight needles?

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Hi, I’m Rachael. If you’ve called me Addison because of my shop name, don’t worry—most people on the interwebs do! AddisonJames Knits, named for my two kids, has been around since 2009 (with a name change or two!). I’m a military wife, a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, a mom to humans and dogs, chocolate-obsessed, and coffee-fueled. I’m on an imperfectly-constant journey towards minimalism, mindfulness and surrounding myself with small and large experiences and pieces that feel luxurious and bring happiness to myself and my loved ones. One of the only things I love more than yarn and creating beautiful pieces is the connections that happen between makers who discover each other through their mutual love of craft and develop friendships, meaningful interactions, and “me too!” moments. Please say hi, whether it’s in person or online...I promise I’ll have a #momfail story that’ll make you laugh and a big
southern hug for you!

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Hi! Are you swamped with holiday prep yet? I’m fully admitting right here and now that I’m a Christmas addict from November first until Christmas Day. Like, Christmas radio non-stop (to the complete annoyance of my kids and husband), googling every holiday craft show and event in the entire DC-Baltimore area, begging to put up just ONE skinny Christmas tree in my dining room in November (no? Just me? I mean WHAT is the problem with one flocked tree before Thanksgiving?! OK, I’ll stop trying to convince my husband through this blog post now). As a maker who signs up every season for a smattering of holiday markets, a luxury faux fur pom shop online, and a mile-long handmade gift list for my absurdly large, loud, southern family, I get this craving to make myself a special, selfish piece every December, right in the middle of all that completely selfless making I’m doing. Maybe it’s my Grinch showing, but I want to sit and watch Christmas With The Kranks for the forty-eleventh time in front of the fire and knit on something that I’m excited about—luxurious, easy stitch repeats (hello, knitflixing), and in a gorgeous color that’s all for me.


- Furls Fiber Arts Whims Merino - one skein - #3 weight - 196 yds / 180m 
Furls Knitting Needles - 5mm / US 8            



Skill Level
Finished Size

8.25” length X 8.5” width, laid flat

4” x 4” square = 17 sts across X 22 sts tall in stockinette st


Last week, I introduced you to the AJK Beaded Rib Beanie, a minimally chic, stylish hat perfect for everything from fall boots and pumpkin-spice-everything, to Holiday card picture sessions with the family and “Christmas With The Kranks” movie marathons by the fire.

I fell in love with the beaded rib stitch a few months ago after unearthing an old stitch pattern booklet. Once I got my hands on Furls’ luxurious Whims Merino yarn with it’s beautiful sheen and stitch definition, I knew it had to be turned into a beaded rib beanie.

So brew up your ginger peach green tea or your peppermint mocha, grab your finest brings-you-joy knitting needles and yarn, and let’s begin!

Note: This brimless hat is knitted flat, from the bottom up, with shaping decreases at the top. 

Directions are for adult women’s size.


Cast On

With your 5.0mm needle, cast on 82 stitches. I use the German Twisted Cast-On for a brimless beanie like this one!

To increase or decrease your beanie size, use multiples of 5 plus 2 when casting on. For example, if you want to make the beanie in an adult small, cast on 76 +2 = 78 stitches. 



Row 1: * P2, K1, P1, K1 *; repeat from * until last 2 sts, P2. (82 sts) 

Row 2: K2, * P3, K2 *; repeat from * until last 2 sts, P2. (82 sts)

Row  3- 48: Repeat Rows 1-2 , or until beanie reaches approximately 7.25” in length.

If you prefer a slouchy fit, or a larger size, add more rows until your desired length is reached.

Work up the body of your AJK Beaded Rib Beanie this week, and I’ll see you next week to finish it off! Remember to show off all that gorgeous stitchwork on social media and tag #AJKBeadedRibBeanieKAL and #AJKBeadedRibBeanie ...I can’t WAIT to see!



Hi there, Furlers! Last week, we cast on for the AJK Beaded Rib Beanie and worked up the main body of the hat. This week, we will decrease the pattern to create that perfectly sleek fit, and finish by seaming up! Beverage of choice? Check. Furls KAL WIP? Check! Let’s get this pretty piece from your needles onto your stylish head!

Decrease Shaping

Round 49 : * K2tog, P2tog, P1 *; repeat from * to end of row. (49 sts).   

Round 50 : * P1, K2tog *; repeat from * to end of row, ending on P1. (33 sts)

Round 51 : * P2tog *; repeat from * until one stitch remains; P1. (17 sts)

After decreasing the hat for three rows, your piece should measure approximately 8-8.25” in length

Cut working yarn, leaving a 20” tail long enough to seam hat. Using a yarn needle, thread yarn through live loops on knitting needle. Slide stitches off of needle.

Pull yarn to gather stitches. This is the very top of your hat.

After gathering stitches, pull firmly; try not to leave a gap! Knot yarn to secure gather (I knot it to a nearby stitch on the underside of the hat so it doesn’t show).

Seam it up

After securing your gathered stitches,

Begin seaming your hat from the top down. I prefer using the mattress stitch, as it gives you an invisible seam from the right side of the hat!

1- Pick up one of the “legs” of your stitch (the vertical portion of the stitch) on one side of the beanie, next to the gather. If you’re right handed, you might want to work from right to left, with the gathered side in your right hand.

2- Pick up the corresponding “leg” of the stitch opposite the one you just picked up, on the other side of the seam. Always keep your needle pointed away from the gathered top, creating a diagonal seam with your yarn (see picture below).

3- Gently pull your yarn as you seam, and watch the magic of the mattress stitch! Don’t pull too tightly, to allow for lengthwise stretch of the beanie and to prevent puckering.
4- Once you reach the brim, finish off and weave in ends. Yay!


If you prefer to seam your hat another way, use your favorite method!I recommend blocking your beanie to bring out the beautiful stitch pattern and drape of this chic, sexy hat.

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