Spiraling Blocks Blanket Wander Kit

This kit requires an I/5.50 mm crochet hook.

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Throw Size
Crochet Hook - I/5.50 mm

The Spiraling Blocks Blanket Wander Kit was designed by Andee Graves of Mamas2Hands.

Each Small Throw kit contains enough yarn to make a 40"x 53" (101.6 cm x 134.6 cm) blanket.

Each Regular Throw kit contains enough yarn to make a 53"x 66" (134.6 cm x 167.6 cm) blanket.


Each Spiral Blocks Blanket Wander Kit contains:

  • 16 skeins of Wander Yarn for the Small Throw (see Palette Details for more information).


  • 26 skeins of Wander Yarn for the Regular Throw (see Palette Details for more information).


  • One Silver Streamline Metal hook in size I/5.5 mm

Once your payment is processed, you will receive a separate email containing a link to download the digital pattern.

Not included:

  • 12 medium locking stitch markers (8 in one color, 4 in a second color)
  • 4 Large Locking Stitch Markers in any color
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors

Intermediate: Each block is worked with 4 colors simultaneously to create the spiral, then edged with the primary border color.

Join your blocks together in groups of four to create larger pinwheels that add to the hypnotic effect. Once the blocks are joined together, a border is worked all around to further unify the look.

Small Throw (Regular Throw quantities in brackets)

Vortex Palette (shown in pictures) - 3(4) x Tundra, 2(2) x Atlantis, 1(2)x Caspian, 1(2) x Laguna, 1(2) x Surf, 1(2) x Sandbar, 1(2) x Peninsula, 1(2) x Midnight, 5(8) x Cobblestone

Harvest Palette - 3(4) x Fawn, 2(2) x Patina, 1(2) x Garnet, 1(2) x Ambrosia, 1(2) x Meadow, 1(2) x Thatch, 1(2) x Sprout, 1(2) x Velvet, 5(8) x Conifer

Rhythm Palette - 3(4) x Peninsula, 2(2) x Mist, 1(2) x Enchanted, 1(2) x Orchid, 1(2) x Atlantis, 1(2) x Caspian, 1(2) x Surf, 1(2) x Festival, 5(8) x Alabaster

Repose Palette - 3(4) x Agave, 2(2) x Sandbar, 1(2) x Foundry, 1(2) x Moonbeam, 1(2) x Aurora, 1(2) x Bergamot, 1(2) x Tundra, 1(2) x Wintermint, 5(8) x Snow

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Material: 100% Premium Acrylic

Medium (4) Worsted weight yarn

Length: 120 yds (109m)

Weight: 100g (3.5oz)

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